I’m just wondering: are you carrying emotional baggage?

We all have our own map on the world, that is to say, our own unique perception of life. Everything that we experience helps to construct our map. Our beliefs, our values, our experiences, our upbringing, our parents, our friends, our work and so it goes on and on.

Most of what we construct is resourceful to us. And yet, some is not. How many distortions of your truth do you hold?

In my Harley Street practice and in the companies where I coach, I often find people present with similar issues. Issues which may well sound familiar to you, such as:

• limiting beliefs (I can’t do…)
• relationship issues
• anxiety
• lack of purpose
• lack of motivation
• low confidence
• feeling unfulfilled

I created LMP to help people with issues just like those above. Imagine if you suddenly felt empowered to do all of the things you want to do. Imagine if you have a higher level of confidence than ever before. What will you achieve?

I look forward to seeing you at an LMP event soon.