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In a word: no. You're coming to an event where the firewalk is just a part of it. Have an open mind - you'll get loads from it even if you don't do the firewalk part. 

There is an inherent danger to what we do. This will all be explained to you on the night. Many people all over the world firewalk every year and we work with your wellbeing as our primary concern. 

Sam Dyer, who runs the event, is a certified firewalk instructor with a wealth of experience. The team are all experienced and those who work with the fire are all certified. 

Absolutely not. You will be required to sign a disclaimer in order to take part in any empowerment activities such as the firewalk. If you'd like to see this beforehand, just ask. 

Alcohol is strongly discouraged before the event. You're very welcome to celebrate after!

We send out joining instructions and an FAQ when you book. This includes useful information such as what to wear. 


Tickets are non-refundable. In special circumstances, we will offer a transfer to our next event. 

Tickets are limited so please book in advance. 

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