Life More Powerful
Firewalk event  

November 2021 in Dorset

January 19

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Firewalkers ready!

Sam Dyer

Life More Powerful is back again in Dorset on Wednesday 28 July 2021 at Dudsbury Golf Club, Hotel & Spa, 64 Christchurch Rd, Ferndown, BH22 8ST.

Why, oh why, oh why do this?
Change can happen in an instant.
What seemed impossible suddenly becomes possible.
Fear can make way for faith.
Maybe you want to…
🔥conquer your fear
🔥increase your confidence
🔥do something different
Or maybe you’ve already done it and it’s time to walk on hot coals again!
Maybe you don’t want to do the firewalk and just want to hear the seminar and join in the fun.
It’s all great. ❤
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Moorland Garden Hotel

What we do at this event


Buy your ticket from this site in advance - we're working on a pay what you can basis.


Learn how to retrain your brain to best serve you. Sam makes use of the best of NLP, neuroscience, biohacking and more.

Walk (or don't walk)

You don't have to do the firewalk part! If you want to, just attend the seminar and join in the fun. Keep an open mind and do what's right for you.

About the Event

Life more Powerful is presented to you by Sam Dyer

November 2021

Sam Dyer

Sam Dyer is a certified instructor in:
and more. 

He’s completed over 120 firewalks and the team who manage the fire are all certified firewalk instructors in their own right. 

You’re in safe hands.

The schedule

Date, venue and schedule TBC
Next event November 2021

Please arrive in time so that we can get you registered and settled in



Closing seminar

Certificates will be signed and given out. You are welcome to buy yourself a drink from the bar to celebrate!

The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems.

~ Mahatma Gandhi

Ticket Pricing

It’s been a strange time for all and a difficult time for many. 
Specifically for this event, we’re offering special pricing. If your financial circumstances mean that you are unable to pay the full price for a ticket (£79), 
you can take advantage of a lower rate ticket (either £49 or £29). This is done completely on trust, so please buy the right ticket for your circumstances.
No questions asked.

Please note:
If the event is postponed due to Covid-19 restrictions, your ticket will be automatically transferred to the new date.
The price is per personal and gains entry to the event. It is entirely up to you whether you walk the firewalk. No refunds are offered. All attendees are required to sign a disclaimer. Min age 18 years (or 16 years with parent/guardian consent).

If you have any questions, please just ask.


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Dudsbury Golf Club, Hotel & Spa
64 Christchurch Rd, Ferndown, BH22 8ST


If you have any special requirements or questions, please get in touch.


You'll come away with a signed certificate if you complete the firewalk.

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    Dudsbury Golf Club, Hotel & Spa, 64 Christchurch Rd, Bournemouth, Ferndown BH22 8ST

    Bayside Business Centre, Willis Way, Poole, BH15 3TB

  • 020 3633 6055