What if this makes you lead a life more powerful?

If you’re the type of person who knows that deep down you could do so much more, achieve so much more and be so much more… this is truly the event for you. Over two days, you’ll leave behind your inhibitions and limiting beliefs which are holding you back. In their place, you’ll have even more confidence and a sense of empowerment, unlike anything you’ve ever had before. You deserve this! Now is the time to take action. Take that first smallest step today to realise your potential. Don’t miss out, book now! What if this makes you who you’ve always dreamt you could be? What if this makes you lead a life more powerful?

You can do more

Day one is all about learning to get rid of your limiting beliefs and things that hold you back.

The firewalk

Once you have walked across hot coals, imagine what else you will do.

New habits

Day two is all about giving you tools to find a better way to live your life.

Our facilitators

Sam Dyer

Harley Street Coach & Firewalk Instructor

Lead Facilitator and Programme Designer